April (3) 2023 Candygrams

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Saturday, April 30, 2023---USC Trojan Band Spring Concert

Trojan Candy attended the pre-concert reception outside Bovard Auditorium before the USC Trojan Band Spring Concert. I saw several friends there. Naturally, Trojan Candy started taking pictures.

There were five USC Trojan Guild friends who posed with Mark Joseph Gaouette. From left to right were Evelyn Wilson, Marcia Montez, Karen Chima, Sandy Johnston, Mark, and Jeanne Niotta.
At a nearby table I saw four close friends. They were Ray and Eiko Bates and Doris and Mel Hughes.
Four more USC TGLA friends smiled for me next. Carol Wright, Sue Phelps, Ann Palmer, and Kandi Wopschall.
Trojan Candy took this picture of four friends of my Delta Phi Kappa Sorority sister Lily Nakatani. They were Elizabeth and Bob Gilmore, and Derick and Yoko Tagawa.
Sherry De Friese and her brother Bob Leach (on the right) smiled for this picture with close friends Mike and Patti Madden.
Elliott Schwartz posed with Bonnie Suffridge, Hilary Crahan, Hilary’s friend, and Bonnie’s husband Phil Suffridge.

Near the Bovard Auditorium entrance, Trojan Candy saw many USC TGLA members gathered together.

Standing in my picture were Sherry De Friese, Sharon Wood, Cathy Creasia, and Patti and Dudley Poon. New TGLA member Rose Brooks Mitchell was sitting.
Next, Edward and Judy Lieb smiled for me. Sure hope that Judy recovers quickly.

Then Edward and Judy joined more USC TGLA members in my next picture.

Sherry De Friese, Sandy Johnston, Cathy Creasia, Sharon Wood, and Patti and Dudley Poon stood while Edward and Judy Lieb and Rose Brooks Mitchell sat.
USC alumni and friends of Sandy Johnston smiled for this picture. They are David Dibble, Azya Jackson, Brian Padelford, Sandy Johnston, and Brett and Anita Padelford.
More Trojan ladies posed for this picture. Standing were Marcia Montez, Jeanne Niotta, Christine Ofiesh, Barbara Bartner, Sandy Johnston, Judith Harris, and Evelyn Wilson. Sitting were Karen Chima and Sue McKeever.
On the sidewalk, Trojan Candy saw Jerry Ensom and Cheryl Schwartz who were volunteering for the USC Band.
Once inside Bovard, Trojan Candy started taking more pictures and videos. Special thanks to Brian Padelford's support.
The “Explorations” slide was behind and above the USC Spirit of Troy.
Thank you for attending.
In a nearby aisle, Trojan Candy saw fellow Half Century Trojan Board Member Jim Childs and his wife Marty.
video 3330
[video] Trojan Candy took this video of the “Western Skies” selection composed by Band Director Jacob "Jake" Vogel.
video 3343
[video] The next artist to perform was Adam Chester. Adam had also performed in the 2022 USC Spring Concert.
video 3347
[video] Adam invited current Spirit of Troy member Ajani Harris to sing in the next piece. What an ovation for Class of 2024 singer Ajani!
video 3353
[video] After intermission, the first piece was “The Planets: Mars and Jupiter.”
The USC Spirit of Troy was performing "The Planets" by Gustav Holst.
video 3362
[video] The USC Spirit of Troy performed "Raider's March" by John Williams.
video 3368
[video] As a finale, the Trojan Marching Band, Song Girls, Twirler, Flags and Spirit Leaders marched into Bovard.
video 3369
[video] The Song Girls danced.
video 3375
[video] Enjoy the Band’s next piece!
video 3376
[video] Every Trojan’s favorite song came next. “Tusk!”
video 3377
[video] Our Alma Mater finished our Marching Band’s program.
video 3378
[video] The Spirit of Troy marched out.