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Wednesday, December 14, 2016---2016 USC Football Awards Banquet---Part 3

Zach Banner and Jennifer NoriegaThe Spirit of Troy played "Conquest" to end the banquet. Trojan Candy still had more pictures to take.

Who could miss friend Zach Banner (10/11/2012) standing with friend Jennifer Noriega, who planned the entire banquet?

Patti Poon and Stevie Tu'ikolovatuMy sister Patti had one more season football ticket to give to a player. We walked over to Stevie Tu'ikolovatu so that she could give him her ticket.

Kalo and Stevie Tu'ikolovatuIt was the perfect and possibly the last time that I would be able to interview Stevie. So Trojan Candy did. I asked Stevie why he chose USC. He said that USC was a better opportunity to reach his goal. About hobbies, Stevie said they are in this order: "Sleep, eat and cook." He said that he likes to cook Samoan food and eat Filipino food the most. His wife Kalo, who was standing nearby, said, "Stevie will eat anything that is edible!" Good luck in the NFL and FIGHT ON, Stevie!

John Plattenburg and Patti and Dudley PoonAfter interviewing Stevie, Trojan Candy walked back to my table. There was friend John Plattenburg. He came by to visit. Naturally, I interviewed John. He is a Junior Defensive Back who won the "Community Service Award" last year. John said that he still likes to volunteer, likes cars and likes to develop business ideas. He also loves fashion and collecting shoes. Notice his dapper three-piece gray suit in my picture! Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of his shoes. John's favorite NBA basketball player is Ray Allen, and his favorite movie is "He Got Game." John sure has "Got Fashion!" FIGHT ON, John!

?, Tommie Robinson, Ronald Jones II, Justin Davis, and Candy and Edward BubarAs Trojan Candy walked around looking for more players, I saw friends Rojo and Justin Davis posing with another "Candy!" Candy Bubar and her husband Edward posed with USC Running Backs Coach Tommie Robinson. Front: Candy and Edward Bubar. Back: ?, Tommie Robinson, Ronald Jones II, and Justin Davis.

Justin DavisAs was the case with Stevie, this was possibly my last chance to interview Justin Davis. I met him when he was a Freshman. Justin's favorite foods are cheeseburgers and chocolate chip cookies. His favorite movie is "Friday Night Lights." As for his favorite television show, Justin likes "Game of Thrones." For a hobby, Justin likes to watch sports. Another Trojan after my own heart! He watches baseball, basketball and football. Justin told me that he played all three sports when he was younger. Good luck in the NFL and FIGHT ON, Justin!

John DeLuna, Ray and Howard Wong, Charlie Garcia and Suzanne McDonald
The room was very quiet now. As Trojan Candy was leaving, I took this picture (just like last year) of friend Ray Wong with his friends. Here are John DeLuna, Ray and Howard Wong, Charlie Garcia and Suzanne McDonald.
Sue Cimbaluk and Pierson Clair
In the lobby, Trojan Candy saw two good friends. Sue Cimbaluk and USC photographer for the night Pierson Clair (9/23/2010) posed for me.
Sammy Schuster, Toa Lobendahn, Viane Talamaivao, JuJu Smith Schuster, Adoree' Jackson, and Martha Mama
Outside of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, Trojan Candy saw more football friends taking pictures. Naturally, I took some of my own. Here is Juju's mom Sammy Schuster, Toa Lobendahn, Viane Talamaivao, JuJu Smith-Schuster (5/26/2015), Adoree' Jackson (12/14/2016) and Damien Mama's mother Martha Mama.

Toa Lobendahn, Viane Talamaivao, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Fuapauna Mama, and Adoree' JacksonMy last picture of such an unbelievable night is of Toa Lobendahn, Viane Talamaivao, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Damien Mama's dad Fuapauna Mama and Adoree' Jackson.

FIGHT ON, USC Football and Beat Penn State in the Rose Bowl!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016---2016 USC Football Awards Banquet - Part 2

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Kristen Lago, Alexa Boyer, Andie Djamal, Alex Verdugo, Gavin Morris, Alex Collins, Eric Loeb, Spencer Higgins, Alex Rios, Cyrus Hobbi, Rosette Sims, and Kelly BaxterTrojan Candy finally found her table. My brother-in-law Dudley Poon saved seats for Patti and me. There was a little time before dinner was served. So I walked around. Near the entrance, I saw a long-time friend, who is in charge of the Football Recruiting. Alex Rios (8/16/2012) gave me a big hug and asked me to take a picture of his co-workers. They posed for this picture. In the front row from left to right are Kristen Lago, Alexa Boyer, Andie Djamal, and Alex Verdugo. In the back row are Gavin Morris, Alex Collins, Eric Loeb, Spencer Higgins, Alex Rios, Cyrus Hobbi (10/3/2016), Rosette Sims, and Kelly Baxter.

Cyrus Hobbi and Chad WheelerCyrus Hobbi, who is on the Recruiting Team, posed with fellow offensive lineman Chad Wheeler (3/23/2012).

Ron, Zach, and Vanessa BannerPatti and I walked to the front near the stage where friend Zach Banner (10/11/2012) was sitting with his family. Patti gave Zach's mom some season football tickets with Zach's picture on them, and Trojan Candy does what she normally does. I took his picture with his parents Ron and Vanessa.

Bob Perlberg, Shelly Anarens, and Don BufordNow, we had to return to our table because dinner was about to be served. Trojan Candy met three USC baseball alumni, who were sitting with us. They were Bob Perlberg (1967), Shelly Anarens (1963-1967), and Don Buford (1958).

Sammy, JuJu Smith-, and Lawrence SchusterTrojan Candy noticed that JuJu Smith-Schuster (5/26/2015) and his family were sitting at an adjacent table. I decided to give his mom one of my two football season tickets. JuJu's picture was on the USC vs. Notre Dame game ticket. I walked over to JuJu and asked if I could take a picture of him and his parents. He posed with his mom Sammy Schuster and his dad Lawrence Schuster. Then, I gave JuJu's mom the Notre Dame football ticket. She smiled and thanked me for her new souvenir.

Now it was time for the awards to resume after dinner. Before dinner, the winner of the "Bob Chandler Award" was Sam Darnold, and the winner of the "Community Service Award" was Zach Banner. Trojan Candy looked near the stage and there was friend and fellow photographer Ray Wong. If he can stand at the bottom of the stage steps, so can I. In previous football banquets, Trojan Candy wasn't able to take pictures at the stage steps.

Porter Gustin and Uchenna Nwosu
The first award winners whom Trojan Candy was able to photograph were the "John McKay Scholarship Awardees" Porter Gustin and Uchenna Nwosu.
Ronald Jones II
Ronald Jones II won the "Rise and Shine Award" for the Most Electrifying Run from Scrimmage.
Adoree' Jackson
The Mario Danelo Special Teams Player of the Year Award was given to Adoree' Jackson (12/14/2016).
Michael Hutchings
Michael Hutchings was honored with the Chris Carlisle Courage Award.
Chad Wheeler and Zach Banner
Chad Wheeler and Zach Banner were co-winners of the John Dye Memorial Award for Offensive Lineman of the Year.
Stevie Tu'ikolovatu
Defensive Lineman of the Year was Stevie Tu'ikolovatu.
Oluwole Betiku and Connor Murphy
Oluwole Betiku (2/3/2016) and Connor Murphy were co-winners of the Service Team Defensive Player of the Year.
Cary Angeline
The Service Team Offensive Player of the Year was Cary Angeline.
Darreus Rogers and JuJu Smith-Schuster
The Trojan Warrior Offensive Perimeter Player Awards were won by Darreus Rogers (8/19/2016) and JuJu Smith-Schuster.
Adoree' Jackson
The Trojan Warrior Defensive Perimeter Player Award was Adoree' Jackson's second award of the night.
Cameron Smith
The Trojan Way Leadership Award went to Cameron Smith.
Sam Darnold and Jim Eddy
The Davis Teschke Most Inspirational Award was presented to Sam Darnold (12/14/2016) by Jim Eddy.
Justin Davis and Leon McQuay III
The Trojan Commitment Award honored both Justin Davis and Leon McQuay III (12/14/2016).
De'Quan Hampton
The Marv Goux Award for Outstanding Player versus UCLA went to De'Quan Hampton.
Adoree' Jackson
The Theodore Gabrielson Award for the Oustanding Player versus Notre Dame was Adoree' Jackson's third award.
After the individual awards were finished, the 2016 Seniors were announced and given their Senior Statues.
Michael Hutchings
The Senior Spokesperson, Michael Hutchings, addressed the audience.

The 2016 Football Seniors are as follows: Zach Banner, Justin Davis, Joel Foy, De'Quan Hampton, Deion Hart, Michael Hutchings, Taylor McNamara, Leon McQuay III, Quinton Powell, Darreus Rogers, Jordan Simmons (7/13/2012), Zach Smith, Stevie Tu'ikolovatu, Chad Wheeler and Isaac Whitney. FIGHT ON, 2016 Football Seniors!

Adoree' Jackson and Clay Helton
Coach Clay Helton presented Adoree' Jackson his fourth award for the Most Valuable Player.
Adoree' Jackson
Adoree' then made an acceptance speech.
Adoree' Jackson
Hear what Adoree' said to the Seniors in his acceptance speech.

The third and last part of my 2016 USC Football Awards Banquet is about the "After Party."