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Saturday, October 12, 2013---The Nethercutt Collection and Museum

Trojan Candy and her husband Jim were invited to a Spirit of Troy event at the Nethercutt Museum. We were also able to tour the Nethercutt Collection and best of all, Trojan Candy was allowed to take pictures!

Christine Ofiesh and friend
First, we checked in by Trojan Guild of Los Angeles (TGLA) President and friend Christine Ofiesh. After we checked in, we walked down to the Lower Salon on the floor of The Nethercutt Collection. It was a room full of antique cars.
Trojan Candy took several pictures of the cars and friends on the first floor. Here is a beautiful maroon 1930s Packard.
This is a 1958 Vespa. It's cute!
The sign in front of the Vespa indicates it was a popular beach car in France.
Here is a 1947 Ford station wagon.
This station wagon had a wood body.
Rauch & Lang
Of special interest was this 1914 Rauch & Lang.
Rauch & Lang
It is an electric car!
The battery is charged with a General Electric Charger/rectifier.
This is the Charger/rectifier. Look at the giant vacuum tubes!
This is the control side of the Charger/rectifier.
Wayne Farlow, Kate Farlow, Pat Poon, Dudley Poon, and Jim Yee
Found some friends in the showroom. Here are Wayne and Kate Farlow, Pat and Dudley Poon, and Jim Yee.
Rosalee Pechersky and Pat Poon
Former TGLA President Rosalee Pechersky and Pat Poon
There are four floors in the Nethercutt Collection. Jim and I decided to take the elevator to the top and walk down. The Music Room there became our favorite room. Above is an an enormous Nickelodeon.
Wurlitzer Organ
Here is a Mighty Wurlitzer Organ.
Theater Pipe Organ
The Mighty Wurlitzer plays the Theater Pipes in the background of this picture. Notice the beautiful nickelodeon grand piano in the foreground.
Theater Pipes
Here's a closer view of the pipes. The "old time" music filled the room!
Do you remember this RCA Victrola phonograph player?
Player piano
Trojan Candy listened to this ornate player piano. WATCH AND LISTEN TO IT PLAY FOR ABOUT A MINUTE.
Here's what the player piano was playing.
Music watch
Here is one of many music watches.

The Music Room also had many music boxes.



Spirit of the WestA small circular staircase took us down to the third floor Mezzanine. At the right is a particularly interesting table sized sterling silver artwork titled "Spirit of the West." Engraved all around its perimeter were many scenes of the West at various periods.

Paillard Station Music BoxIn the Mezzanine I saw this Paillard Station Music Box from Sainte Croiz, Switzerland. These coin-operated "station music boxes" were placed in railway stations and other similar places of business to entertain travelers and patrons during the railway boom of the late 1880's. WATCH THIS PAILLARD STATION MUSIC BOX.

Trojan Candy was able to take this PANORAMIC VIDEO of the Nethercutt Collection second floor Upper Salon from the Mezzanine.

Then, Jim and I descended a large circular staircase from the Mezzanine to the Upper Salon. We admired the cars and met several friends on this level.

Jim and Candy Yee and Matt Deligio
Spirit of Troy pep band director and friend Ben Chua took our picture with current Drum Major Matt Deligio.
One car caught my attention. It was a 1901 Toledo Model A Steam Carriage.
It was made by the American Bicycle Company.
Dick and Margie Moore
These friends are Dick and Margie Moore. Margie is a fellow TGLA member.
Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia
Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia are also friends.
Bill Cockrell and Lois Gerrie
Friends Bill Cockrell and Lois Gerrie.
Tom and Carole Zide
These friends are Tom and Carole Zide.

All the antique cars in the Upper Salon were the most valuable of the Collection. Unbelievable!

Returning to the Lower Salon, Trojan Candy toured an area that is never open to the public. It is where all the repairs are made.

Mary Lane and Carol Fox
Mary Lane and former TGLA President Carol Fox were standing near the entrance.
Car parts
This section was quite remarkable. Look at all the car light parts that are in stock!
Here's a 1934 Duesenberg being worked on. What a special privilege!
More parts
More parts behind this more modern car.

Next on our self-guided tour was the Nethercutt Museum across the street. A few cars caught my eye there.

One was this 1913 Mercedes 37/95 Double Phaeton Torpedo.
The Mercedes could go 100 miles per hour!
Here's a side view of the Mercedes.
Steam pumper
This Steam Pumper was drawn by horses to put out fires.
Then, we went outside to see the final exhibit. It was a 1912 Pullman Private Car at the Nethercutt Depot.
Nethercutt Depot
Nethercutt Depot
The Dining Room in the Pullman.
Look at the bedroom of the Pullman!
Here's the kitchen of the Pullman.

Our afternoon ended with a reception and concert by the Spirit of Troy.

Thanks to our host and hostess Jack and Helen Nethercutt, who also gave each lady in attendance a Merle Norman Cosmetic gift bag. And, of course, many thanks to the Spirit of Troy Marching Band for the invitation.

FIGHT ON Jack! FIGHT ON Helen! FIGHT ON, the Spirit of Troy!