April 2012 (3) Candygrams

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Sunday, April 29, 2012---The Spirit of Troy Garden Party

Angeloff homeQuintetMy husband Jim and I were fortunate to be invited to a concert by the USC Concert Band. A quintet serenaded us as we checked-in. The concert was performed in the gardens of Dann and Jo Jeanne Angeloff's lovely home in Pasadena.

We met Dann about fifteen years ago. He sat in front of us at the USC men's basketball games in the Sports Arena. When I spoke with him today, I teased him about always coming to the games all dressed up in a suit and tie. Dann just smiled and said that he always came to the games directly from work.

We enjoyed all the delicious hors d'oeuvres that were served before the concert and had a chance to visit with some friends before and after the concert.

Jim Yee, Beverly Robinson, John Robinson
My husband Jim visiting with Coach John Robinson and his wife Beverly
Christine Ofiesh, Rhona Gewelber, and Carol Fox
Christine Ofiesh, Rhona Gewelber, and Carol Fox
Jim Brewer, David Meyers, Barbara Meyers, and Dee Brewer
Jim Brewer, David Meyers, Barbara Meyers, and Dee Brewer
Anna Liberovsky
Anna Liberovsky played the oboe
Cynthia Wiese and Kyle Wilson
Cynthia Wiese with Drum Major Kyle Wilson

The concert was marvelous! It consisted of pieces that the USC Concert Band had performed in previous concerts. There was Gershwin's "Our Love is Here to Stay", Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture Finale", John William's "Olympic Fanfare & Theme", and John Phillip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever" to name a few.

Speakers between concert pieces were Dann, Coaches John Robinson and John Baxter, and Dr. Bartner.

Dann Angeloff
Dann Angeloff talked about the Garden Party
John Robinson
Coach John Robinson talked about meeting Dr. Bartner
Dr. Arthur Bartner
Dr. Bartner told a little story about each piece that was played
Coach John Baxter
Coach Baxter talked about the Spirit of Troy practicing all day

What an enjoyable Sunday afternoon. Thank you for the memorable concert, USC Concert Band!

Concert Band
Dr. Bartner directing the Concert Band
Clarinets and trumpets
Clarinets and trumpets of the Concert Band
Oboe, trombones, piccolo, bassoon, and flutes
Oboe, trombones, bassoon, piccolo, and flutes of the Concert Band
Flutes and saxophones
Flutes and saxophones of the Concert Band
Tubas and Sound Man
Tubas and Sound Man of the Concert Band

FIGHT ON, forever, the USC Spirit of Troy Concert Band!

April 28, 2012---Women of Troy Rowers Beat the Bruins Again!

Being retired, Trojan Candy normally gets to sleep in. However, I woke up at 6:00 a.m. this morning so that my husband Jim and I could get to San Pedro in time to see all five rowing races against UCLA hosted by the Women of Troy. When we arrived at the USC boat house, the Bruins and their fans were already milling around. The Women of Troy Rowers were preparing for the races in the USC boat house.

Friend Dan Avila walked to the pier with Rowing Head Coach Zenon Babraj. They boarded one of three boats that would accompany both teams during the races. Dan was the official photographer for the event. As the boat left for the first race, Trojan Candy stayed on dry land to get pictures of several rowing friends.

Dan Avila and Zenon Babraj
Jennah Blau with second Varsity eight
Jenna Blau planning strategy with 2nd Varsity 8
Dionne Licudine and Caroline Trawick
Coxswains Dionne Licudine (Varsity 8) and Caroline Trawick (Varsity 4)
Anna Wierzbowska
Anna Wierzbowska is on the Varsity 8

It is quite amazing that there is so much regimentation during the competition. The Coxswains for each of the five boats orders her rowers to lift their boat, carry it to the pier, lower it in the water and then step into the boat in unison.

Varsity 4
Fight on! Varsity 4!
Vineta Moca, Anna Wierzbowska, and Dionne Licudine
Vineta Moca, Anna Wierzbowska, and Dionne Licudine preparing Varsity 8 boat
2nd Varsity eight
2nd Varsity 8 carrying boat to the pier
2nd Varsity eight
2nd Varsity 8 lowering the boat into the water

Varsity eight raceThe USC 2nd Varsity, Novice 8 and 2nd Varsity, unfortunately, did not beat the Bruins. Our Varsity 4 won, so, with three points available in the scoring system, the victor of the last race would decide the meet winner. The UCLA 1st Varsity boat versus the USC undefeated 1st Varsity boat. Excitement and anxiety was in the air. The two boats sped by in a few seconds. USC was barely ahead, but the Bruins seemed to be catching up. Suspense! Who won?

When Coach Barbraj and Dan returned to the pier after the fifth and last race of the 1st Varsity team, everyone waited for the result. Coach announced on his loud speaker, "We just won the Gauntlet points!" All the Trojans cheered. Our women had beaten the Bruins again! FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Rowers!

Varsity eightDan Avila took this beautiful picture of the victorious USC #1 ranked and undefeated 1st Varsity 8 crew.

We stayed for a hamburger lunch that was provided for both teams and USC and UCLA fans by the San Pedro Trojan Club. Thanks! Being victors, our lunch definitely was more delicious than what the losing Bruins tasted!

My Rower Friends: Good Luck in the upcoming Pac-12 meet and the NCAA Championship!

I have uploaded about ninety pictures to Picasa. You can see them by CLICKING HERE.