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Tuesday, February 7, 2017---TGLA at the Town and Gown Scholarship Luncheon

Trojan Candy was definitely looking forward to meeting and hearing fellow USC alumnus Elex Michaelson who was the keynote speaker at the February Town and Gown Scholarship Luncheon.

Carol Fox, Katharine Harrington, Peter Weil and Carol GreenhalghD'Arcy McLeod, Elex Michaelson, and Alysha Del Valle As requested, Trojan Candy walked to the front center table to take a picture of Carol Fox, Katharine Harrington, Peter Weil and Carol Greenhalgh.

Then I took a picture of the guest speaker Elex Michaelson. He posed with TGLA member D'Arcy McLeod, who had invited him to be the speaker, and fellow Trojan and KABC reporter Alysha Del Valle.

D'Arcy McLeod, Pat Whitman, Nikki Dana, Virginia Naeve, Linda Givvin, and Carol FoxD'Arcy McLeod, Virginia Naeve, Linda Givvin, and Carol Fox watched as TGLA President Nikki Dana presented a check to Town and Gown President Pat Whitman to renew our partnership in Day of SCervice. TGLA is proud to be a sponsor of this worthy event. Thank you to Town and Gown member Kathy Shirley for this picture.

We welcome volunteers who wish to participate in this Day of SCervice project to be held at the Town and Gown building on March 11 from 11 am to 2 pm. We will be making jewelry for women with serious illnesses. You can register to volunteer at (Click/tap the link).

Thursday, February 2, 2017---Our TGLA February General Meeting

Trojan Candy arrived at the TGLA general meeting at USC's Davidson Center twenty minutes before the meeting time. As usual, the room was buzzing with conversation. I always like to take pictures of any guests whom a TGLA member invited.

Nikki and Rita Dana
At a front table, I saw our President Nikki Dana with her invited guest and sister-in-law Rita Dana.
Nikki Dana, Marilyn Kezirian, and Christine Ofiesh
Near the door, Nikki Dana and Christine Ofiesh greeted TGLA member Marilyn Kezirian.
Nikki Dana, Sharon Wood, and Carol Thueson
Trojan Candy walked over to take a picture of our guest speaker and TGLA member Dr. Sharon Wood, who was talking with Nikki Dana and Carol Thueson.

Suzanne Stillman, Sandy Johnston, and Marcia MontezI managed to take this picture of more guests. Sandy Johnston invited three guests to our meeting today. She posed with two of her guests, Suzanne Stillman and Marcia Montez.

Mary Indenbaum, Janet Eddy, and Carol ThuesonRight after our meeting started, there was a "Secret Surprise" in the agenda. Recording Secretary Mary Indenbaum and Parliamentarian Carol Thueson said that TGLA is going to honor one of our founders who recently moved out of the Los Angeles area and who may not be able to attend every special event, meeting and board meeting as she has done for years. Mary and Carol told our members that our honoree, Janet Eddy, founded the TGLA in 1960. Janet graduated from USC in 1953 and earned two more USC degrees in 1978 and 1991. Janet then took the podium and told us that the first TGLA members represented a broad range of wonderful women. Trojan Candy wants to add that Janet was one and still is one of those "wonderful women." FIGHT ON, Janet!

Arianna Farms coffee and booksAfter our business meeting finished, Vice President of Programs Mary Hall introduced our guest speaker Dr. Sharon Wood. Sharon earned her B.S., M.S. and Ph.D from USC. She works as a Clinical Psychologist in Behavioral Medicine. Her presentation was about how coffee became to be grown in Hawaii and about the coffee plantation she and her family have built in Hawaii. The name of Sharon's product is Arianna Farms. Here is a picture of various Arianna Farms coffee packages that Sharon displayed on a table. Sharon told us that coffee came to America in the late 1600's. The Arabian Empire cornered the market at that time. In 1825 Sharon said that coffee seedlings came to Hawaii.

The next four slides display the chronology of the coffee growth in Hawaii.

Coffee Tour of Hawaii
Coffee Tour of Hawaii.
First Leg
First Leg of the Journey to Hawaii.
Circle at Sea
Another Circle at Sea.
Roller Coaster Ride
The 200 year Roller Coaster Ride.
Arianna Farms
Then she showed a slide with pictures of her coffee plantation and explained to us the process from handpicking the coffee "cherry" when it is red (not green) to hand-raking the coffee.
Arianna and Sharon Wood
Arianna Farms is named for Sharon's daughter Arianna, who is attending USC now. Here is a picture of Arianna and Sharon.
Mary Hall, Sharon Wood, and Nikki Dana
After Sharon's presentation, Trojan Candy had Mary Hall, Sharon and Nikki Dana pose for this picture. What an educational and informative presentation! Also, Sharon, thank you for the package of 100% Kona Coffee.
Mary Hall, Sandy Johnston, and Judith Harris
After the TGLA meeting was adjourned, I got a picture of Sandy Johnston's third guest Judith Harris. Mary Hall and Sandy posed with Judith Harris.
Nicole Gordillo and Nikki Dana
My last picture is of a TGLA special guest. Director of Affinity Programs Nicole Gordillo posed with our President Nikki Dana. Nicole oversees all fourteen of the USC Affinity Based Groups, including the USC Alumni Veterans and the Half-Century Trojans.

Sunday, January 22, 2017---TGLA at the Half-Century Trojans Afternoon at the Symphony

My husband Jim and I braved the rain to attend the Half Century Trojans Afternoon at the Symphony which featured the USC Thornton Symphony at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. My sister Patti Poon, who is a member of the Half Century Trojans, also came with her husband Dudley. Before the concert, we had lunch at the adjacent Kendall's Brasserie. The food, especially the desserts, was scrumptious.

Dudley Poon, Candy Yee, Jim Yee, and Patti Poon
A waiter took this picture of my sister Patti and me with our husbands.

Mary Lane and Janet Eddy
Two more TGLA members, Associate Member Mary Lane and Janet Eddy, sat at a table next to ours.
USC Thornton Symphony
It was still raining when we walked over to the Disney Hall. Here is part of the USC Thornton Symphony.

Quite an enjoyable afternoon.