Trojan Guild of Los Angeles 2015 (6) Candygrams

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Thursday, December 10, 2015---TGLA at the Valley Hunt Club

What a lovely location for the annual TGLA Holiday luncheon. The Valley Hunt Club in Pasadena was beautifully decorated for the holidays.

Here are the wooden toy soldiers guarding the entrance.
Rosalee Pechersky, Nancy Reed, Carrol Irwin, and Jolene Irwin
As Trojan Candy was taking pictures in the lobby, some TGLA friends came in. I took this picture of Rosalee Pechersky, Nancy Reed, Carrol Irwin, and Jolene Irwin and directed them upstairs.
Christmas tree
I stayed downstairs to take more pictures. In the living room was a Christmas tree.
The fireplace was also decorated.
Just outside the living room was a Nutcracker Mirror.
Boutique items
Another organization was having a Boutique Sale. Here are some items for sale.
Boutique items
More boutique items
In the ante room pictures of the Valley Hunt Club's antique carriage in various Rose Parades. This EXCLUSIVE club, comprised of former residents of the East and Midwest, started the Tournament of Roses Parade in 1890 to showcase Pasadena's mild weather.
More pictures of the Valley Hunt Club buildings.

Upstairs, Trojan Candy walked around taking pictures of old friends and new friends.

Ruth Milch and Linda Mead
Ruth Milch with her guest Linda Mead
Patricia and Christina Dowling
Patricia Dowling and her daughter Christina
Alex and Mary Hall
Host Alex and Vice-President Programs Mary Hall
Mary Indenbaum and Jean Getchell
Mary Indenbaum and Jean Getchell
After lunch was served, TGLA President Patricia Dowling started the meeting. Trojan Candy walked among the tables taking pictures of TGLA members and their guests.
Carol Thueson, Sharon Wood, Julie Pircher and Phyllis Dolezal
Carol Thueson, her guest Sharon Wood, her daughter TGLA member Julie Pircher and her guest Sharon's mother Phyllis Dolezal
Jean Getchell and Marjorie Layne
Jean Getchell and her cousin Marjorie Layne
Gloria Phillips, Claire Slaught, Joan Kaplanis
Gloria Phillips, guest Claire Slaught, Joan Kaplanis. Claire's grandson Alex Slaught is a Senior on the Men's Volleyball Team.
Peter and Martha Breckheimer
More guests of Gloria and Joan: Peter and Martha Breckheimer

Naturally, when I found out that Peter competed on the USC Track and Field Team in 1958 and 1959, Trojan Candy had to interview him. Peter threw the Shot Put and Discus. His two friends Dallas Long, who was 6'5", and Rink Babka called Peter, "The Runt." At the Grand Re-Opening of Heritage Hall and Hall of Fame Celebration, Trojan Candy gave Rink Babka (2/1/2014) his Heritage Hall Medallion.

Pat Tucker and Mary Hall
Mary Hall and her guest Pat Tucker
Ruth Smith and Terry Oetting
Orange County Trojan Guild members Ruth Smith and her daughter Terry Oetting. Phyllis Landon, another Orange County Trojan Guild member, is in a table picture below.
Sandi Hampar, Valerie Kiley and Samantha Hampar
Sandi Hampar, her guest Valerie Kiley, and her daughter Samantha

Then, I took pictures of each of the seven tables.

Ruth Smith and Terry Oetting
Publicity Chair Rosalee Pechersky asked me to take a picture of TGLA members who live in the Pasadena area.
Sharon Wood, Carol Thueson and Patricia Dowling
Sharon Wood entertained us with a lovely "O Holy Night." What a talent! She posed with Carol Thueson and Patricia Dowling.

We finished our meeting singing carols. Thank you, Mary, for the elegant gift!

What a marvelous way to end our last 2015 TGLA meeting!