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Sunday, December 12, 2021---Our Half Century Trojans at the Galen Center

My husband Jim and I arrived at the Galen Center Founder’s Room early enough to join our Half Century Trojans who were enjoying the pre-game lunch before our men’s basketball game vs Cal State Long Beach.

Trojan Candy started taking pictures right away. Bob Frinier was sitting at our table. Abe Somer and his friend Mike Donahew were also sitting at the same table.

Next, I took a picture of Janet Frank, Hap Frank, Meta Berger and Jay Berger at table 12. Then I realized that there was no memory card in my camera. So I went back to my table to put a memory card in my camera.

03970395Then I retook Bob Frinier’s picture and Abe Somer and Mike Donahew’s picture.

When I tried to retake my picture of Janet Frank, Hap Frank, Meta Berger and Jay Berger, someone was missing. So I left to take pictures at another table, but I forgot to go back for the third time to take a picture of the Franks and the Bergers. So sorry Janet, Hap, Meta and Jay!

Next, I took this picture of the hostess Patti Poon and her husband Dudley.
At the third table were Charla Tindall with her granddaughter Anne Wagner, Anne’s friend Madison Grube, and her other granddaughter Evelyn Wagner.
Sitting across from Charla were Chuck Grosenbaugh and his friends Bob Franks, Gary Southerland, and Allen Young.
The last couple at the table was our president Sally Edwards and her husband Tom.
Trojan Candy walked back to her table. Dann Angeloff had arrived with his friend Bill Shumard. Dann told me that Bill was a former Athletic Director at Cal State Long Beach and had worked with the Special Olympics. So nice to meet you, Bill!
Next, Coach Enfield came to speak.

0415Just after Coach Enfield spoke and answered questions, Marty and Jim Childs arrived at our table.

0417Then, Trojan Candy realized that another couple had arrived. Don Garner and Margie Lee posed for my last picture.

Our HCT members had a nice lunch and got to see our men defeat Cal State Long Beach 73-62!

KEEP FIGHTING ON, Half Century Trojans!

Wednesday, September 8, 2021---HCT Chappellet Vineyard Tour

Trish Vick arranged our Zoom virtual tour of the Chappellet Vineyard. She told us that some guests were as far away as New Zealand.

Trojan Candy took several “gallery view" snips during the tour so everyone in the audience would be seen.

Here is one snip.
This is another snip.
Trish introduced Gregory Pollack.

She said that Gregory partnered our HCT with Chappellet Vineyard. Gregory, who is an adjunct professor and on the USC Board of Governors, described the USC Alumni Chappellet family as being unique and distinctively elegant. They epitomize the “Trojan Family.”

Next, Gregory introduced the Managing Director of Chappellet, David Francke.

David said that he was going to show us a video of the history of the Chappellet Vineyard. The Vineyard is world renown for its Cabernet Sauvignon.

Before starting the video, David introduced Alexa Chappellet Flagler, whose father chose the farmland where he started the Vineyard.
Alexa talked about this family picture. She is at the far left eating the grapes.
Alexa’s father, Donn Chappellet, compared and tasted the wines.
Pritchard Hill is the site of the Chappellet Vineyard.
Here is a bird’s eye view of the winery. Part of the building is underground and the triangular shape was used to create the pyramid logo for Chappellet Vineyard.
Here is ground view of Pritchard Hill.
This is Alexa’s mother Mary’s “Magical Place” picture of Pritchard Hill.
The Chappellets posed for a Sunset Magazine article. Can you hear the “Sound of Music” like I do?
Here is a storage unit with many barrels of wine.

2934As you can see, our HCT audience enjoyed the video.

36Here is a toast to our Chappellet Vineyard tour!

For a follow-up, Trish Vick sent our HCT members this email on 9/9/2021:

Hi Everyone,

I hope those of you who attended agree the Chappellet Vineyard tour and wine tasting [found it] was a fun, informative and delightful event. The family stories and insights were entertaining and inspiring. People asked great questions and the evening went by quickly.

We learned about wine and had a chance to enjoy some lovely wine. As I mentioned last night, you and your friends still have the opportunity to buy Chappellet wine at a discounted price until the end of this week. Just click on the link in the attached invite letter to reach the dedicated website and landing page and you will be able to place your order.

Still Fighting On!

Indeed, what a great job, Trish!

Thursday, September 2, 2021---Congratulations, Janet Tonkovich!

06Our Half Century Trojan 2020-2021 President, Janet Tonkovich, was awarded the USC Alumni Association’s President’s Award. Because of COVID-19, this year’s presentation was virtual.

Janet delivered a gracious, heart-warming acceptance speech. Here is an excerpt from her speech when she spoke about her Trojan Family: “My husband Paul and I are enjoying the program with family, including our daughter Diane’s son Max, our first of the family’s fifth generation to attend USC. Max is also on the Trojan water polo team---another family tradition started by my dad Earl Harris in 1935, and followed by our sons Matt and Greg in the early 1990’s”

Then Janet thanked all of her fellow HCT members: “Tonight, I am honored to represent the USC Half Century Trojans. My deep appreciation to Sally Edwards, the Half Century Trojans president, and to Don Garner, Chair of our Awards Committee, for nominating me for this honor. Thank you to the members of the Half Century Trojans Board of Directors, who have been so supportive this past year.”

Moving to her service as a USC Alumna, Janet recalled more memories: “My alumni service began with raising funds for Trojan Junior Auxiliary scholarships. I was following in the footsteps of my mother and grandmother. It was especially meaningful to me when my mother’s friends sponsored me for memberships in the Trojan Guild of Orange County, the Trojan League of Orange County and Town & Gown of USC. It meant so much to me to share membership in these groups with her. I cherish the friendships I have made in these groups over the years.”

In summation, Janet remembered her 50th Reunion: “Serving on the Class of 1964 50th Reunion Committee focused my attention on the greater university community. I also feel fortunate to serve on the Half Century Trojans board. This is where all of my past volunteer experiences have come together, as I’ve reconnected with old friends who also cherish our university’s traditions and history.”

What a touching speech! KEEP FIGHTING ON, Janet!