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Saturday, October 19, 2019---USC Homecoming Game vs Arizona

Trojan Candy is posting videos for my article about the USC vs Arizona Homecoming Football game.

Here is our team entering the Coliseum from the tunnel.
The Coin Toss was followed by the "Countdown" on the video board.
My good friend Mel Hughes wished his wife Doris a "Happy Birthday" on the video board.
Trojan Candy videorecorded Chase McGrath's field goal in the first quarter.
It's always nice to see how our "Projans" performed the previous Sunday.
Luckily Trojan Candy was able to record Michael Pittman Jr's touchdown in the first quarter.
Spirit of Troy, Silks, Twirlers and Song Girl alumni returned to perform with the current Spirit of Troy during halftime. FIGHT ON, Spirit of Troy!
Our team scored against Arizona easily and we won 41-14! Here are some of the highlights.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Saturday, October 19, 2019---USC Homecoming

Trojan Candy arrived for Homecoming at the TGLA Booth at 1:15 pm. The booth was beautifully set up by our hard-working members. I took their pictures as they worked and arrived to volunteer.

Judy Lieb, Sandy Johnston and Terri Boyle were all ready to start doing their cashiering responsibilities.
Here are Lulu Louie-Wong and Barbara Hance working at the counter.
Sharon Schmidt, Lulu Louie-Wong and Barbara Hance posed for me.
Trojan Candy took this picture of some of the merchandise that we put on display.
Another picture of more merchandise.
My Delta Phi Kappa Sorority sister Lily Nakatani came by our booth. She bought one of our ribbon necklaces and posed with her husband David.
Another friend Walt Greene came by the booth. His grandson ?, who is a high school football player, came with him.
Trojan Candy saw one of our TGLA Scholars put on a yellow apron and start to volunteer. Naturally, I went over to meet Ariel Rezazadeh, take her picture and interview her.

Ariel majored in Business. Her emphasis is Marketing and Entertainment. She told me that her brother also earned an MBA in business. For hobbies, Ariel likes to weightlift. For P.R. entertainment, she likes to help out at movie premieres. Ariel's favorite food is sushi. For favorite movie, Ariel likes any movie from the 50's and 60's. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is one of her favorites. Ariel likes music from the 50's, 70's and 80's. One of her favorite artists is Phil Collins. So nice to meet you and FIGHT ON, Ariel!

I stepped out of the TGLA booth for a little while to take pictures at the USC Athletic booth next to our TGLA Booth. USC Men's Basketball players were signing posters. I had them sign posters for my grandsons, Zane and Kane.

Meet Noah Baumann, Ethan Anderson and Max Agbonkpolo. FIGHT ON, Noah, Ethan and Max!
Then meet Kyle Sturdivan, Isaiah Mobley and Onyeka Okongwu. FIGHT ON, Kyle, Isaiah and Onyeka!
Back to my TGLA booth now. Two more volunteers, D'Arcy McLeod and Rosalee Pechersky, arrived.
Trojan Candy couldn't resist it. I saw four more USC athletes sitting behind the tent waiting their turn to sign autographs. They were USC baseball players. Meet pitcher Quentin Longrie, outfielder Trevor Halsema, outfielder Brady Shockey and infielder John Thomas.
After Trojan Candy's booth shift was over, my husband Jim and I walked around looking at other booths. I saw Carol Fox and her son Chris Fox.

Trojan Candy walked back to the TGLA Booth to get Kate Farlow. The three of us walked to the Rossier School of Education tailgate. We managed to find a table in the shade.

I took this picture of Jim, Lai Tan Carapia, Rachel Beal, Matt DeGrushe and Genaro Carapia.
I saw Dean Karen Gallagher at the check-in. She always poses for me.
Then I took another picture of Dean Karen with her husband Pat and Matt DeGrushe.
Back at our table, Jim took this picture of my brother-in-law Dudley Poon, my sister Patti Poon and Kate Farlow who were seated. Standing were Associate Dean of External Relations Carla Wohl and yours truly.
Jim and I left the tailgate and walked back by the TGLA Booth. I saw another volunteer, Cheryl Schwartz.
Now two USC Men Volleyball players were signing autographs. Shane Suxho and Max Beck.
One of my second daughter Steffany's (USC Business 1998) best friends Christine Duong Mason walked up to Jim and me while we were standing near Tommy Trojan. Christine's dad William Duong was with her.
The last friends we saw were Cerritos friends Sam and Aileen Osato.

Now it was time to walk to the Coliseum for our football game vs. Arizona.

What a busy Homecoming!