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Sunday, December 2, 2018---USC Men's Water Polo vs. Stanford

Trojan Candy was up north in the Bay area for my daughter Kelly's holiday party on Saturday night, December 1st. Naturally, I went to Stanford for the USC vs Stanford NCAA Water Polo Championship match the next day.

I was lucky enough to get seats on the first row at Avery Aquatic Center. However, there were lots of SC students surrounding me as I saved seats for my daughter Kelly, son-in-law Gen, and grandsons Zane and Kane. I found out that the entire 2018 NCAA Champion Women of Troy Water Polo Team came to the match to support our men.

Warming up
Here is a picture of our team warming up.
The player introductions was next.
The two teams shook hands before the match.
Our team lined up for the first sprint.
First goal
We scored our first goal very quickly.
First goal
Jacob Mercep scored the first goal at 6:32.
Pep Band and Song Girls
The USC Pep Band and Song Girls were here to support the team.
Second goal
Sawyer Rhodes scored our second goal.
Third goal
Trojan Candy was able to record our third goal at 4:54 of the first quarter by Marin Dasic.
Our fourth goal was scored by Sam Slobodien.
Jacob Mercep scored his second goal in the first quarter at 1:21 to make the score unbelievably 5-0.

Unfortunately, I thought that my Canon camera recorded our sixth goal in the second quarter, but I pushed the wrong button. Sorry. Jacob Mercep scored a hat trick on a fast break to make the score 6-0!

Hannes Daube scored USC's next goal and our band and Song girls celebrated. The score at the half was USC 7-Stanford 1.
SC students
During the half-time, Trojan Candy took a picture of the USC students and the Women of Troy Water Polo Team whom you heard yelling in my videos.
Kelly, Zane and Kane
I took this picture of my daughter Kelly and grandsons Zane and Kane. Zane, who is 12, plays water polo and has told Coach Vavic that he wants to play water polo at USC. My son-in-law Gen stood at the top of the stands since there was no room for him on the front row.
The first goal in the third quarter was scored by Marko Vavic to make the score 8-1.

Unfortunately Trojan Candy missed Jacob Mercep's fourth goal. The Stanford keeper was out, but Jacob's shot was in. The score was USC 9-Stanford 2.

Next in the 3rd quarter, Sam Slobodien's second goal made the score 10-3!
Luke Wyatt scored a goal at 6:27 in the third period to make the score 11-4.

With no further scoring in the third period, the score at the end of the third quarter was USC 11-Stanford 4.

In the 4th quarter at 7:02, Jacob Mercep scored his 5th goal of the match to give USC an incredible 12-4 lead!
Matt Maier scored our 13th goal at 5:04.
Stanford frantic efforts
Throughout the entire 4th quarter, Stanford would outscore us 8 goals to 3. They were frantic. Watch for a rare botched 5 meter penalty shot in this video.
Stanford got as close as 13-11 with 58 seconds left.
Jake Earhardt put the nail in the coffin with our 14th goal to make it 14-11 with 31 seconds left!
Stanford scored again with 18 seconds left on the clock
Final seconds and celebration
Watch the final seconds and the "celebration."
More celebration
More celebration and Championship caps and t-shirts.
Medal ceremony
My last video shows the "Medal Ceremony" and the MVP honor given to Jacob Mercep. Congratulations, Jacob!

Congratulations to our Men's Water Polo Team and Coach Jovan Vavic on their 10th NCAA Championship!

Kristen D'Sa and friend
As we left the stadium, Trojan Candy saw USC Senior Zach D'Sa's family. I saw his mom Kristen and a friend.
Brandon D'Sa, grandparents and ?
Zach D'Sa's older brother Brandon with his grandparents and ? Notice Grandma's mustache!
Just outside the stadium, I took a picture of the trophy that each Trojan player received.

MustacheThis is the USC mustache symbolic for team unity.

What an exciting, incredible day.

Congratulations and FIGHT ON, USC Men's Water Polo Team!!!!!!!!!!