December 2009 Candygrams

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Saturday, December 26, 2009---Happy New Year from the Emerald Bowl!

Trojan Candy reporting from San Francisco! My husband Jim and I caught Caltrain at the San Bruno station along with other USC Trojans. We arrived at the main San Francisco station two blocks from the AT&T Stadium at 4:00 p.m.

AT&T StadiumThere was no rain at San Bruno or on the train ride in. but it was pouring as we trekked to the stadium. Outside the stadium main entrance there were Emerald Nut tents where young people were passing out bags of free snack-size nuts! There were Cocoa Roast Almonds, Dry Roasted Almonds and Trail Mix. Mmmm...Yummy!

Emerald BowlLuckily, once we got inside the San Francisco Giant’s AT&T Stadium, the walkways were enclosed in glass. I waited inside the glass enclosure until a few minutes before kick-off. At least 90% of the fans were Trojans!

Boston College brought a choral group to sing the Star Spangled Banner and four sky divers parachuted into the stadium. Luckily, the rain subsided at kick-off.

Our Trojan Friends played well in the first, third and fourth quarters! Jurrell Casey’s fumble recovery and rambling run happened right in front of us! Stanley Havili’s second touchdown pass reception happened in front of us. Then, Damian Williams’s phenomenal catch with three Boston College defenders surrounding him also happened in front of us. How did Damien catch Matt Barkley’s bomb? That’s why he is a Superstar!

Spirit of Troy at HalftimeThe Spirit of Troy stayed in formation during their half-time performance. They did not want to “trample” the wet field. Their last halftime piece was a rousing rendition of “Tusk!”

Game winding downOur defense shut down the Eagles in the second half, and we won 24-13! The post-game trophy presentation occurred in the middle of the field. Our team walked to the Spirit of Troy first and then back to the stage at mid-field. The MVP Damian Williams, who was delayed in the Media Area under the stands, ran a “solo run” to join his team at the stage. As Damien held up the MVP trophy when he exited the podium, Trojan fans yelled, “One more year!”

Trojan CandyThe special double-decker Emerald Bowl train home was packed with Trojans!

Happy New Year and FIGHT ON!

December 11, 2009---What a Beautiful Banner!

Men's Water Polo 2009 National ChampionsAs soon as my husband and I set up at the Heritage Desk, we noticed that a new banner was hung! It read, “Men's Water Polo 2009 NCAA National Champions!” Our Men’s Water Polo team won back-to-back national titles on Sunday 12/6! Beating the Bruins for the title was especially gratifying.

There were several tours, mainly middle-school students. They wiped us out of 2009 football posters! However, you can still come to the desk for Men’s and Women’s Basketball posters and, soon, USC Baseball posters!

Four new friends came by the desk for the first time. Freshman Women’s Track member, Aareon Payne, took a package of chocolate mint cookies. She told us that she runs sprints and that her last final in Biology is on Tuesday 12/15. I wasn’t able to finish interviewing Aareon or take her picture, because she sprinted away! Next time, Aareon! Fight On until then, Aareon!

The second new friend was Sophomore Women of Troy Basketball player, Michelle Jenkins. She was almost out the door walking with, I think, football player Tyron Smith, when she came back to the desk to take a Ghirardelli square. Then she rushed out the door! Picture and interview next time, Michelle! Fight On, Michelle!

Dallas SartzI saw a familiar face in the lobby. As he started to walk out the door, I asked if he would like a treat. When he came back to the desk and told me his first name was Dallas, I immediately remembered his last name, Sartz! Dallas told me that he is coaching sports at his alma mater, Granite Bay High School. How nice to see the former 2002-2006 USC Linebacker. Fight On, Dallas!

Roger HolmesThe last new friend was Roger Holmes, a 1951 USC alumnus. Roger told us that he has not been on campus for a very long time. He marveled at all the changes and growth! Roger was a Journalism major, who was a Copy Editor for the D.T. He even won a contest with a last minute spur-of-the-moment entry for the best Homecoming slogan. It was, “Echo the Cheers of Yesteryear!” Roger worked for the Santa Ana Register, which later became the Orange County Register. He is now editor of the Brea Progress. Fight On, Roger!

So many old friends came by to say “Hello.” Coaches Terrel Ray and Rocky Seto (football), Ligita Kaviere (Women’s Rowing), Andrea Gaston (Women’s Golf), and Ron Allice (Men’s and Women’s Track ) all came by.

Football players who came by were Joe Houston, who was done with his finals and spoke with Trojan Candy about what a fantastic teacher Coach Pete Carroll is; Brice Butler, whom I almost didn’t recognize without his signature baseball cap, who gave me at least two hugs (Ladies, he is unbelievably skinny for a football player!), and who tried a new Mike and Ike Zours; and lastly, Devon Kennard, whose finals are done by Tuesday 12/15 and who told Trojan Candy that he is very excited about playing Boston College in the Emerald Bowl. Fight On to Victory!

Old Friends Women’s golfer Belen Mozo waved “Hello.” Then Women’s Water Polo player Forel Davies, who loves to surf and camp, told Trojan Candy that she will be going home to Carlsbad, CA, for the holidays but will be returning to campus early since water polo practice begins on Tuesday 12/29. Fight On, Forel!

Happy Holidays and Fight On!

December 3, 2009---We Beat the Bruins!

Every football player who came by the desk today was congratulated on beating the Bruins and wished good luck to beat Arizona!

Drew NessNew Football friend, Drew Ness came to the desk to take some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Drew, a wide receiver from San Diego, is a Sophomore majoring in Business Administration. We spoke a little about my Trojan daughter Steffany, who graduated from the Marshall School of Business and who is the Senior Brand Manager at Ghirardelli in San Leandro. I told Drew that is why Trojan Candy passes out Ghirardelli Chocolates to Heritage Hall visitors. Drew told me that he likes to play football and play video games. Fight On, Drew!

So many weekly football friends came by the desk today. As always, please forgive me if I forgot to mention your name. Boomer Roepke, who rode by on his bike outside of Heritage and said, “Hi;” Jarvis Jones, who took a Mike and Ike; Shane Horton, who, with his usual big smile, tried the new Sour Mike and Ikes; Taylor Mays, who gave me a big hug and finally took a Big Red gum and a Starburst Sour Gummiburst on his second time by the desk; Allen Bradford who said that he would be back to see us on his first time by the desk, returned and said, “I told you that I would be back,” took a Gummiburst; Aaron Corp, who also likes Gummibursts; Joe McKnight, who unfortunately had a migraine headache, came by to say “Hello;” Averill Spicer; Joe Houston, who told me he goes to the men’s basketball games; Jordan Cameron with a big “thank you smile;” Allen Noble; C.J. Gable, who took his favorite Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and De’Von Flournoy. Fight On, Friends! Beat the Wildcats!

Caroline KimWomen’s Golf: Two new Women of Troy Golfers came to the desk with friends Jennifer Song and Inah Park. Senior Caroline Kim majored in Psychology. She is from Canada and likes to watch movies. Fight On, Caroline!

Cyna RodriguezThe second new Golfer friend was Freshman Cyna Rodriquez. She is also majoring in Psychology. Cyna, who is from the Phlippines and will go home for the holidays, also likes to watch movies. Her other hobby is to sleep! Wake Up and Fight On, Cyna!

Senior Belen Mozo came by to visit. She also spoke with Taylor Mays, who was at the desk at the same time. When I asked Belen what she will do after graduation, she said, “Turn Professional!” Good Luck in the LPGA and Fight On, Belen!

Joey HughesMen’s Track: Sophomore Joey Hughes, who is from Long Beach, is majoring in Business-Law. He runs in the 200 m and 400 m. After taking a package of Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies, Joey told me that he likes movies...NOT scary ones, but FUNNY ones! Fight On, Joey!

Hannah OzerWomen’s Swimming: Hannah Ozer, a Senior who will graduate this semester, majored in Communication and minored in Film. She is a fellow Texan from Austin, who swims in the 100 Butterfly and is also a Team Manager. Fight On, Hannah!

Women’s Basketball: Hailey Dunham smiled and took a chocolate mint. We wished her good luck beating Cal State Long Beach and Duke. Fight On, Hailey!

Coaches: There was Rocky Seto, who waved from the balcony; Pete Carroll, who was in a hurry, as usual; Women’s Rowing Coach Ligita Kaviere; and Women’s Golf Coach Andrea Gaston.

Kevin McPartlandKevin McPartland, who was a Defensive Tackle at USC in 1972-1976 and who resides in San Diego, came to the desk and looked behind the counter. Then he told us that he is on the Board of Directors for the Trojan Football Alumni Association, and that they will be using the Heritage Desk as a bar at their dinner this evening. We assured him that we would be gone before their dinner begins. Kevin said that there would be fifty or more former football players in attendance. The main purpose of the organization is to raise funds for scholarships. The Association just finished a two-year project that raised $500,000! Two scholarships that he mentioned were the Marv Goux and John Wayne Scholarships. What a worthy cause! Fight On, Kevin!

As we were packing up for the day, a Trojan Football Alumni member rolled up with a cart full of drinks. We left in the nick of time! I told, “Good Luck!” to Jurrell Casey, who was lying on the rug. He smiled and waved good-bye.