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October 31, 2015---A Gallery of USC-Cal Football Game Pictures

My husband Jim and I took our oldest grandson Zane to the USC-Cal football game on Halloween. Lucky for Zane, he would get home in time to go trick or treating.

ZaneWe arrived early enough to walk down to the Cal water polo stadium. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at the stadium, our men were losing to Cal 10-8 with two minutes left to play. I was able to take this picture of Zane outside the door. Zane is an excellent swimmer already, and he is just starting to play water polo. Trojan Candy has already told friend Ron Orr that Zane wants to play water polo at USC. Time will tell!

On the long walk uphill to the stadium, Trojan Candy ran into some friends.

Jim Yee, Dave Hong, Zane, and Pat and Dudley Poon
Jim Yee, Friend Fedex Dave Hong, Zane, and Pat and Dudley Poon
John and Bill Bau
Women of Troy Rowing friend Bill Bau (on the right) and his friend John.
Zane, Greg Yee, Pat Poon, Dudley Poon, Steve Yee, Michael Yee, and Jim Yee
Outside the stadium we met our son Greg and Friend Michael Yee (no relation) and his son Steve.
Cal band and players
Once in the stadium, I took this picture of the Cal Band and the Cal players entering the stadium.
After climbing the stairs single file, my Trojans ran onto the field.
Proud grandma took this picture of Zane in the stadium.
All USC scoring was 100 yards away from all of the USC faithful. It meant that my football action pictures were not very good.
Actually, it didn't matter. We ran the clock out with excellent running at the end of the game and beat Cal 27-21.
We won!
Watch this video of the last play and our celebration.

FIGHT ON, USC football!